Metal Cards

ICK International provides a family of stainless steel metal card products to meet the range of needs of mass market to high net worth customers.

ICK cards are designed to appeal to as wide a range of senses as possible to create a unique and targeted user experience. We know that metal cards can appeal to a wide range of cardholders and ICK International has a suite of products to meet every need. We do so by focusing on the look, feel and user experience. The weight of the card, the unique “ting” sound, the design and the advanced integrated contactless card technology all come together to create a card that will achieve the ultimate goal of driving card usage.

We create each card by collaborating with our clients to develop winning and technologically advanced solutions. This process is guided by understanding what is important to card issuers at each step.

Our Products

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MaxMirror ™

MaxColor ™

MaxLED ™


  • Front Metal with PVC back (DI Slit)
  • Weight up to 22 grams
  • Dual Interface, Tap both sides
  • Advancing the customer experience with a seamless contactless experience and a clear metallic sound


  • Made from pure stainless steel providing a heavier feeling and cool to the touch
  • 100% Pure SST Metal
  • Heavy Weight (Up to 26 grams)
  • Premium Quality
  • For your most exclusive customers using EMV payment only

MaxMirror ™

  • 22 Grams
  • Dual Interface
  • Scratch Resistant
  • Available In a Variety of Colors Including Rose/Gold and Blue
  • The Weight and Sound You Want In a Metal Card

MaxColor ™

ICK International is thrilled to bring to market a game changer in metal card manufacturing. Our Max Metal™ payment card product has always brought the unique attributes customers value; a distinctive metal sounding card, advanced dual interface technology for a great user experience at point of sale, a prestigious 22-gram weight and industry leading etching techniques using laser and CNC. With Max Color we can now create cards with any base color with a reference to Pantone®. Why is this such a development? Well, using PVD we can create cards with a limited number of base colors such as deep blacks, rich silvers, beautiful rose/golds and some others. Today with Max Metal the sky is the limit….yes, we can do Blue or White! Or anything you want. Talk with us today about how we can bring color to your card world in Max Metal™ and bring your brand to the award-winning Max Metal. 

  • Pick your Pantone®!
  • Add a base color that enhances and reflects your brand
  • Durable and scratch resistant


  • Multiple LED Options – Color, Size and Coverage on the Card
  • Available with Full Color Digital Printing in Gloss or Matte Finishes
  • Integrated into our Max Metal card body for premium weight and feel

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