Add Value

ICK International’s focus is on the detailed designs of the metal card. With deep knowledge and expertise, we provide you with state-of-art high-quality cards.

Collaborate with us on how to differentiate your card portfolio from others by focusing on your specific needs.

Add value to your card portfolio with a luxury premium look.

Color Technology

ICK International’s wide range of products incorporates traditional lithographic and silkscreen printing methods. 

And, of course in ICK’s full metal products we are experts in the use of PVD for color application on metal. PVD is a Physical Vapor Deposition Coating process that transfers color that is durable, impactful and contributes to a true metal card experience. 

CNC Technology

ICK International uses state of the art processes and technology to produce superior CNC etching to enhance your card design and brand.

Standard VISA & MC approved metal PBM NC is also available.

Card Enhancements

  • Holograms & Signature panels
  • Colored Magnetic stripes
  • Edge to Edge Magnetic stripes

Card Textures & Finish

  • Matte & Gloss
  • Hairline finishes
  • Anti-fingerprint coating

Printing Technology

  • Silkscreen printing
  • Varnish UV
  • Design and Image printing (Prime Metal)

Laser Technology

  • Laser Designs
  • Laser on Slit

Special Design Enhancement

  • Gold Plating
  • Jewel Embedding

Adaptable Chips

  • Available 6PIN & 8PIN
  • Customized Packaging

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