Our Business 

Since 1998 ICK has been a premier supplier of financial cards to all global payment schemes including Visa, Mastercard, American Express, China Union Pay and JCB. We are a full-service card manufacturer in all areas of card design, chip deployment and processing.

With headquarters in Daegu, Korea and offices in Seoul, ICK brings leading edge design and products to a global audience. ICK International in USA leads metal card markets and serves customers around the world.

ICK has developed leading-edge technology

In 2008, ICK launched its financial metal card products and today enjoys the recognition from the market as one of the leaders in this fast-growing market. With the introduction of dual interface banking cards ICK has developed leading-edge technology to allow for tapping on both sides of the card and holds several patents that enable cardholders to have a great user experience at point of sale.

ICK’s metal cards provide a unique sensory experience that is driven by card weight, card sound, card technology and of course a unique design perspective that only an international company can provide.

Our ICK Design Studio integrates our client’s branding elements with the possibilities in metal to create a card that meets the needs of Banks, Fintechs and NeoBanks around the world.

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