ICK International is thrilled to bring to market a game changer in metal card manufacturing. Our
Max Metal™ payment card product has always brought the unique attributes customers value;
a distinctive metal sounding card, advanced dual interface technology for a great user
experience at point of sale, a prestigious 22-gram weight and industry leading etching
techniques using laser and CNC. With Max Color we can now create cards with any base color
with a reference to Pantone®. Why is this such a development? Well, using PVD we can create
cards with a limited number of base colors such as deep blacks, rich silvers, beautiful rose/golds
and some others. Today with Max Metal the sky is the limit….yes, we can do Blue or White! Or
anything you want. Talk with us today about how we can bring color to your card world in Max
Metal™ and bring your brand to the award-winning Max Metal.