ICK To Launch New Products and Metal Card Portfolio

AT Money 20/20, October 24-27 in Las Vegas Nevada, ICK will officially launch its new lineup of metal card products and introduce for the first time its new laminated metal card product. Since you are an active reader of our blog you get an early preview so thanks for reading!

Our new line up is as follows:


Our premium metal dual interface card weighing approximately 22 grams with a resounding metal card sound and providing a seamless contactless experience with tap 2 sides enabled. The card front is all stainless steel with a thin pvc layer on the back. Adding durable gold plating on the edges will position this card at the top of your customer’s wallet time after time. Best in industry CNC application and application of color using PVD adds to the interest and usage you will generate with this card.


Prestige Metal provides our customers with a more cost-effective dual interface card. With tap one side and a weight of approximately 19 grams , this card offers a full metal front with a tap back method for contactless payment.


The newest addition to the ICK metal card lineup is the Prime Metal card. Weighing 14 grams this card combines stainless steel and pvc to create a product that will meet the needs of the widest range of customers in your portfolio. At 14 grams this product provides for contactless payment on both sides of the card and can incorporate traditional printing and hot stamp techniques for design efficiency.


While contactless payment is ubiquitous, we know that for some premium segments, customers will prefer the use of a contact card. ICK’s Pure Metal™ meets that need with the heavyweight 26 gram powerhouse card. This full metal construction leverages ICK’s expertise in CNC design, gold plating and metal fabrication to create a pure metal card experience that meets all the senses with impact and a great design.