Personalization System
Personalization service is a process which stores individual information data and control data requested by customer inside storage media such as MS and Chip (IC, RF, Combi) through optimal security system, and realizing embossing, indent, UG printing and laser printing on card surface

The strong point of ICK’s issuing system
  • Secured safety through various experience in card business
  • One Stop Service from card manufacture to issuing through batch processing
  • Safe management of customer data using the best data security network

The type of ICK’s issuing system
  • MS Encoding:
    Storing card data in card magnetic strip
  • IC Chip Encoding:
    Encoding card data (card data and personal data etc.) in IC Contact Chip
  • RF Chip Encoding:
    Encoding card data (card number and personal information etc.) in Contactless Chip installed inside the card
  • Graphic Printing:
    Printing card number and personal data on card surface in form of photograph, text or barcode
  • Laser Marking:
    Method of expressing personal information data (card number, personal information, image, barcode etc.) by burning card surface with laser

SCPM (Smart Card Personalization Manager)
Technological Capacity of ICK
  • EMV(VISA, MASTER, JCB etc.) cards Pre-Personalization
  • Dual Interface (PayPass, PayWave, JSpeedy etc.) cards Pre-Personalization
  • PKI for banking cards Issuance
  • Loyalty cards Issuance
  • Local E-wallet cards Issuance